You are needed!

With the holiday and giving season upon us, consider volunteering for Mobile Meals. A volunteer’s sweet and smiling face may be the only face one of our senior homebound neighbors see each day. They need you!

Retiring? You are needed! Mobile Meals needs you to help deliver meals!

Still working, but wish to contribute to your community? Can you give an hour or so to deliver meals to those in need? Weekly, every other week, or even once a month would be a BIG help!

If you are a student or teacher on thanksgiving or Christmas break and want to do something that will feel good physcially and emotionally, deliver meals to the needy.

If you don’t feel that you can commit to the structure of becoming a regular driver, then volunteer to be on the “substitute driver” list and contribute when you can! You can even be on the food line and serve up the meals!
Delivering meals takes about one hour. It is a rewarding experience. There are also many other ways to get involved. Volunteer opportunities can be found here.
Call Vivian or Paula to set up a time to volunteer! We hope to see you this summer!