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Volunteers Needed!

Jan 27, 2020

Mobile Meals is in need of volunteers. There are many ways to be involved here. Meal delivery takes about one hour; meals can be picked up at
Mobile Meals or at one of six drop-sites in the county. Kitchen assistance is needed from 7:45-9:00am each weekday. Office workers, bulk mailing
assistance and other opportunities may be arranged by calling Mobile Meals at (864) 573-7684 or by going online for a volunteer application

Contact Vivian or Paula at 573-7684 for the following routes.
MONDAY: Fernwood, Pacolet, Mayo, Woodruff
TUESDAY: Parris Bridge Rd, Drayton, Cowpens, Duncan Park, Inman, Mayo, Whitney
WEDNESDAY: N Church St, Mayo, Beaumont, Saxon, Pauline, Parris Bridge Rd, Wellford
THURSDAY: Farley St., Mayo, JC Bull Apts, Lyman, Whitney, Woodruff
FRIDAY: Archibald Apts, Mayo, Cowpens, Whitney, Arkwright, Saxon, Powell Mill Rd, Duncan

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